Bench Units

Bench unit MAG 40

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Bench unit MAG 40

Price on request


The Magnaflux MAG 40 test bench is self-contained, low-cost unit that detects and locates fatigue cracks or processing defects using the ‘wet continuous’ method of magnetic particle inspection.

This medium-duty machine is ideal for machine shops, tool rooms, foundries and similar plants where low-volume testing of ferrous components is required.



Test Component

Coil Diameters

Duty Cycle

Output Current

Supply Voltage

Supply Frequency

Case Material

International Standards


< 1m long

150mm / 225mm

1.5s 'On', 15.0s 'Off'

2,500 A

380V/415V (1Ph)

50 Hz

Stainless Steel

EN ISO 9934-3

Can inspect components up to 1 metre in length

2,500 Amp output

AC and halfwave DC

Stainless steel tank

Carries CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives