Bench Units

Bench unit MBU

Price on request

Bench unit MBU

Price on request

The MBU is built around a sturdy 75x50x3mm RHS frame which includes an inking hose and under unit ink reservoir to allow for ink to be reused. The variable position head-stock can be moved via a front mounted wheel and pneumatically clamp using a foot peddle to grip components between the U4 type Copper gauze contact pads. The diameter of the contact pads can be made to requirement.

The MBU is supplied with heavy duty energising foot pedal and fully calibrated with the relevant paperwork as standard.



Control Systems

Test Component


Input Voltage

Input Frequency

Output Current

Case Material



Manual/ Start/Plato II

< 1 m long

Single / Three

230V / 400V

50 Hz

0 - 5000 A RMS AC

Stainless Steel

75 x 50 x 3mm

Custom size contact pads

Heavy Duty energising foot pedal

Reusable ink

Multiple control systems