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COMPACT 2 NDT Processor

Price on request

COMPACT 2 NDT Processor

Price on request


The COMPACT 2 NDT is an x-ray film processor especially optimized for the development of industrial films. By applying appropriate films and chemicals designated for industrial applications, it ensures size independent optimum image quality.

As the high-end processor, COMPACT 2 NDT features highly advanced infrared film detection by using four sensors for exact conformance of the replenishment, large tank capacity and the individual controllability of all processing parameters.



Film format

Film type

Process time

Capacity (Film format 24 x 30 cm at 90 sec Pt)

Capacity (Film format 24 x 30 cm at 300 sec Pt)

Dimentions (L/W/H)

Weight (empty/filled)

Electrical connection


min. 10 x 10 cm; max. 45 x ∞ cm

Sheet films rollfilm with adapter (optional)

2 – 10 min (120 - 600 sec)

174 films/h

71 films/h

97 x 68 x 127 cm

91/129 kg

208 – 240V; 10 –14 A; 50/60 Hz

Extremely high capacity

Intermediate film rinse avoids carryover of chemicals

Precise film surface detection for calculation of replenishment rate

Excellent image quality and consistancy