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AdvanScreen FV-BW Film Viewer

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AdvanScreen FV-BW Film Viewer

Price on request


AdvanScreen FV-BW is a rechargeable portable industrial LED film viewer designed for technical examination of X-ray films. This instrument was specifically developed for optical inspection of radiograms with high intensity of blackenings (Max Density 4.5D).

Its compact design and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack make the device particularly suitable for remote field work, whilst an aluminium body frame ensures high durability. The viewer meets the requirements of ISO 5580 and is CE Certified. The viewer can be controlled manually using the dimmer or the plug-in foot pedal. The operational temperatures are low and the functioning is very quiet.



Max Luminance

Viewer Window

Max Density


Dimmer Control

Surface Temperature

Battery Operating Time

Recharging Time

Power Supply




130,000 cd/m²

150 mm x 50 mm

4.5 D

g ≥ 0.90

30 – 100 %

40° C

3 hours

6 hours

100/240 VAC / DC-18650

495 mm x 225 mm x 65 mm

3.2 kg

DC Rechargeable Battery

Pure White LED Light

High Luminance

CE Certified

Portable and Compact

Low Power Consumption

Plug-in Foot Switch

Aluminium Frame