MPI Accessories

Custom Step Down Transformer (CMS2000/419)

$ 700

Custom Step Down Transformer (CMS2000/419)

$ 700

AdvanSpec UK technical team has found a solution for effective and safe Magnetic Particle inspection on high-safety alert projects. By using a Custom Made Carroll & Meynell Step Down transformer (e.g. 230V to 50V), it is now possible to take advantage of low-risk 50V Electromagnetic Yokes for inspection. The exact input and output voltages can be tuned to your specific requirements, depending on the national power standards and the yoke intended for use.

The system can be used with extension cable, ranging from 10m to 50m in length. Our engineers will calculate an optimal cable solution to minimise any energy loss and guarantee precise results of the inspection.

Walther&Werke plugs and sockets installed on every end of the kit ensure that the connection is smooth and efficient.

You can use the Electromagnet directly from the Transformer or using the extension cable depending on the requirements of the site.






Input mains lead

Output Sockets

GRP box rating




230 V (Custom)

50 V (Custom)

1.6 kVA Continuous

13 Amp UK plug

16Amp 2P+E LV


25 kg

300 mm/cube

Custom build transformer

Safe on-site usage

Different length extension cables

Manufactured in the UK

50 V Electromagnetic yoke compatibility