PAUT/TOFD Flaw Detectors

Prisma PA

Price on request

Prisma PA

Price on request


The prisma is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector offering the technician an extremely comprehensive tool for test and measurement, which can be upgraded to include TOFD and Phased Array capability. An upgrade can be carried out wherever you are, there is no need to return the instrument, eliminating any downtime.

Simple controls, superior performance, advanced features and a rugged enclosure deliver simplicity, capability and reliability to the technician’s finger tips.

The prisma is constructed to exacting standards using a rigid, shock mounted, internal chassis surrounded by an impact absorbing enclosure and designed to meet IP66; which ensures the unit is fully sealed against fine dust and jets of water. Typical applications are broad but include Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing.

Available formats:
1) Prisma UT
2) Prisma UT + TOFD
3) Prisma UT + PA
4) Prisma UT + PA + TOFD




Test Modes

Transducer Socket



DAC points

Display Type

Display Size

No of Colors

File Size

USB Connection

Battery Type

Battery Replacement



Size (H x W x D)



16:16 or 16:64

Pulse-Echo, Transmit/Receive


1 Hz to 5000 Hz

Full wave, positive, negative, none (RF)


TFT LCD (800 x 600), 450 Cd/m2, with 2% reflectivity

8.4 inch (diagonal)

260k (65535 colours for scan palettes)

up to 3GB

3 USB Master ports

Intelligent Li-Ion (up to 7hrs operation time)

Yes, no tools required

Designed to meet IP66

Operating -10C to 45C. Storage -25C to 60C

205mm x 300mm x 90 mm

3.5 kg (with battery)

UT, TOFD & PA inspection modes

Unique cursors for precision measurement

Recordability: screen shots, full data recording, fully traceable

UTstudio+ for fast and dynamic reporting

Customised imaging layout with over 25 to choose from

Rigid, water-resistant and shock-proof casing

Single hand operation

Interactive help & 3D views

Configuration & Calibration wizards

Minimal training: Common User Interface