PAUT/TOFD Flaw Detectors


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Price on request


Retaining the best features of the established veo line, the new VEO+ is designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, making the VEO+ a smart and future proof asset for your business. Key design elements considered in the development of the VEO+ are user and performance focused. Based on a superior and innovative digital technology, four available PA configuration (16:64PR, 32:64PR, 16:128PR or 32:128PR) are offered as software options.

Along with Xpair Cloud Remote Access, Phased Array Curved Surface Correction and Export to CSV, the FMC-TFM is another software option that gives access to FMC recording of the acoustic information, and TFM imaging using up to 64 elements phased array probe. Upgradeability in the field when needed!



Multiscan Quantity

Pulsers / Receivers

Gain Range

Sampling Frequency

S-Scan Resolution

L-Scan Resolution

Measurement tools

Data Storage & File Size

Onboard Reporting Tools

Calibration Standards

PA & UT Connectors

Instrument Display


Operating Time

Power Input

Unit Dimensions (D x H x W)


Environmental Rating


16:16 or 16:64

32:128 PR

80 dB

125MHz; 12-Bit (processing 16-Bit)

Up to 0. 1°

1 element or double resolution

EXTRACTION BOX, 4 gates/A-Scan, TCG, DAC Split-DAC

128 Gb SSD & no file size limit

PDF auto-report, Export data to CSV file, Save screen capture

ISO18563 (EN16392) & EN12668

1 IPEX 128 channels

10.4” LED-backlit LCD, enhanced sunlight readable 1024 x 600

Operation -10°C to 40°C. Storage -20°C to 60°C

6.6 h (hot swapable batteries)

AC 110 V/240 V; 50Hz/60Hz

115 x 220 x 335 mm

4.54k kg (+ 0.46 kg battery)

Designed for : IP66, MIL-STD-810G

Available in 4 configurations

Easily upgradeable

Fast and accurate results due to novel computational architecture

Large data storage capacity

Rugged design: water-resistant, shock- and dust- proof

Compatible with a range of probes and scanners