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Advantage 3 Controller

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Advantage 3 Controller

Price on request


Stork Cooperheat’s Advantage 3 temperature programmer/controller with its unique linkable control zone feature, is fast becoming the heat treatment industry standard, providing the user with versatility, flexibility, cost savings and time. The Advantage 3 can be used individually or combined to control temperature differentials in a number of user-selectable configurations. This control of temperature differential is an important requirement of international heat treatment codes and standards including ASME, BS, EN, ANSI & DIN.

The Advantage 3 can be used separately as a spare or to upgrade any make or model heat treatment transformer, module or unit.



No of Channels

Temperature Range


Supply Voltage

Max Current

Supply Frequency

Measurement Accuracy

Operating Temp

Rate of Rise





0 to 1200 (C)

Type K Thermocouple

110/115 VAC

3 A

50/60 Hz

± 0.3 (C)

-10 to 55 (C)

C or F per hour

0.375 kg

LVD EN 61010-1 2001

User-friendly operation and calibration

Clear, illuminated digital display

Plug in connections enable replacement in seconds

Easy to program, operate and interrogate

Complies with European LVD and EMC Directives and CE marked

Display both setpoint temperature and actual workpiece temperature