WeldROVER Scanner

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WeldROVER Scanner

Price on request


The WeldROVER scanner is designed for customers that require a more stable weld inspection than what can be provided by manual scanners but need an instrument that’s more economical than the high-production zone-discrimination systems typically used in offshore pipeline construction.

The WeldROVER scanner is a simple, industrial-strength, one-axis encoded scanner that provides fully mechanized automated data acquisition. It is designed to make fast, efficient phased array inspections on ferromagnetic piping or vessel girth welds and long seams with minimal training and setup time. The scanner can be configured with up to six probes for phased array, TOFD, and conventional UT inspection.



Scanner speed

Encoder resolution

Power consumption

Maximum input current


Power supply input voltage

Scanner with long bar and 6 probes

Scanner with small bars and 4 probes

MCDC-01 motion controller

Power supply

Remote control



5 mm to 50 mm per second

2100 steps/mm (typical)

90 W

4 A

24 VDC

100 VAC or 240 VAC, autoswitching

430x340x175 mm size, 12 kg weight

380x200x175 mm size, 11 kg weight

175x110x60 mm size, 1,5 kg weight

200x85x50 mm size, 1 kg weight

230x50x90 mm size, 0,8 kg weight

5 m long

Can support up to six probes for TOFD, phased array, or pulse-echo inspections

Constant scanning speed control for smooth data acquisition at any speeds

Compact motion controller allowing 10 different scan speeds from 5 mm/s to 50 mm/s

Simple two-button remote control for jog or constant encoded motion either in backwards or forward direction

Data acquisition using OmniScan or TomoScan FOCUS LT

instrumentation with less than 5 minutes configuration time

The four industrial-strength magnetic wheels are driven for use on ferromagnetic surface

Emergency-stop button located on the scanner

Laser guide indicator helps the operator to follow the weld centerline or any other inspection reference

Room to integrate a remote pulser/preamplifier for improved TOFD-P/E inspections

Waterproof (IP65)