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TERRA Portable XRD

Price on request

TERRA Portable XRD

Price on request


The TERRA Mobile XRD System, a high performing, completely contained, battery operated, closed-beam portable XRD, provides full phase ID of major, minor and trace components with a qualitative XRF scan of elements Ca - U.

Its unique, minimal sample prep technique and sample chamber allow for fast, in-field analysis. Using a specifically developed direct excitation charge coupled device (CCD) “camera”, TERRA is able to collect X-ray photon data for both X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence simultaneously. This is the result of the integrated camera’s ability to detect both the photon position and photon energy at the same time. With energy resolution of ~200 eV (5.9 keV), TERRA makes XRF analysis as simple as viewing the software spectrum display.



XRD range

Detector type

XRF energy resolution

XRF energy range

Sample grain size

Sample quantity

X-ray target material

X-ray tube voltage

X-ray tube power

Wireless Connectivity

Operating Temperature




Field autonomy


5-55° 2θ

1024 × 256 pixels - 2D Peltier-cooled CCD

250 eV at 5.9 keV

3 to 25 keV

<150 μm crushed minerals - (100 mesh screen, 150 μm)

~15 mg

Cu or Co (Cu standard)

30 kV

10 W

802.11b/g for remote control from web browser

-10 °C to 35 °C

14.5 kg with four batteries

48.5 cm × 39.2 cm × 19.2 cm (19.1 in. × 15.4 in. × 7.6 in.)

IP67, MIL C-4150J rugged case

~4 hours (hot swap batteries)

Patented Technology From NASA and Olympus

Easy Sample Preparation

XPowder Software

Data Storage on 40 GB Ruggedized internal hard drive