Portable Hardness Testers

Telebrineller Hardness Testing Kit

$ 2,900

Telebrineller Hardness Testing Kit

$ 2,900

The Telebrineller system is a low cost and simple to use tool based on proven metallurgical knowledge supported by more than fifty years of field experience.

One hammer blow, measurement of the resulting impressions, and the manipulation of a basic equation on the computer provided. No special training is required. In a few minutes, anyone can learn to determine BHN accurately.

The test bars which are the core of this system are calibrated to a uniform hardness of ±3% of the labelled BHN. The hardness of the bars is measured by equipment whose accuracy is certified traceable to the National Standards Institute.

Designed for field use; there are no delicate adjustments or fragile components to be concerned with. All parts are rugged, solid, and able to deliver accurate measurements in all weather, under the roughest field conditions.




Kit includes


4.5 kg

scope, anvil, calculator, 5 assorted test bars and carrying case

Simple Operation

Certified Accuracy