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Chino Recorder

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Chino Recorder

Price on request

The popular 12 point Chino temperature recorder, in stainless steel case, is a basic, analogue alternative to digital recorders. The Chino temperature chart recorder is designed for pre and post weld heat treatment processes utilising type K thermocouples. Contained within a corrosion resistant, stainless steel case, the recorder is designed and built to withstand normal site conditions.

Each input is individually recorded on the chart paper using a multi coloured printing system for clear identification of each thermocouple input trace. For process monitoring by the operator in any site light conditions, the level of illumination of the chart and the scale plate can be adjusted by the operator.



No of Channels

Power supply voltage

Power supply frequency

Power consumption

Ambient temperature

Ambient humidity

Scale length


Dead band

Balancing time


Stamping interval

Stamping system




110 to 240 VAC

50Hz/60 Hz

Approximately 24 VA

-10° C to 50° C

30% to 90% RH

180 mm

0.5% of input scan

0.1% of input span

Approximately 2 seconds (50Hz)

Fanfold 20 metres long

5 seconds

12 colour

3 x LED

Compact size

Password security

Analogue or digital printing

Alarms printed on chart as they occur

Simple to operate, maintain and calibrate