HydroFORM Scanner

$ 50 per day

HydroFORM Scanner

$ 50 per day


The HydroFORM scanner is designed to offer the best inspection solution for the detection of wall-thickness reductions due to corrosion, abrasion, and erosion. This solution also detects mid-wall damage such as hydrogen-induced blistering or manufacturing-induced laminations and easily differentiates these anomalies from loss of wall thickness. The unique quick adjustment device offered by the scanner enables the wedge/probe assembly to be positioned to any curvature greater than 4 in. OD (101 mm).

HydroFORM is the first commercially-available, semi-automated phased array product for corrosion mapping applications. The patent-pending quick radius adjustment enables the inspection of different curvatures. The HydroFORM scanner can be attached to automated or semiautomated scanners and used independently as a manual scanner.


Technical parameters

Phased array probe

Maximum one-line scan coverage (width)

Delay line medium

Delay line height

Position of repeat interface echo (in steel)

Typical near-surface resolution (¹⁄₈ in. FBH)

Depth resolution

OD inspection range

ID inspection range

Scan speed (1 mm x 1 mm resolution)



60 mm


14 mm or 24 mm

125 mm

1.5 mm

0.1 mm

4 in. and greater

10 in. and greater

100 mm/s

Reduces probe raster movement

Increases safety for operators

Improves mechanical reliability

No wedges are needed

Cost effective

Minimal tools required for normal operation