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959M SCAR Projector

Price on request

959M SCAR Projector

Price on request

The Model 959M portable gamma radiographic exposure device is specifically designed as a Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR) system. The SCAR projector is used primarily for the radiography of standard or difficult joint geometries without disruption and the need for large barrier areas.

The SCAR system is comprised of a Model 959M projector, a pneumatic control unit and a series of clamps to fit a variety of pipe sizes.

The system may be used with a maximum of 15 curies of Iridium-192 or 81 curies of Selenium-75.


Technical parameters

Exposure device length

Exposure device diameter

Device mass

Source capacity

Control console length

Control console diameter

Control console height

Control console mass


28.0 cm

11.4 cm

18.6 kg

15Ci (555GBq), Iridium-192 81Ci (3TBq), Selenium-75

2.73 cm

2.22 cm

21.6 cm

3.9 kg

Allows for 24 Hour radiography

Highly directional beam

Reduces radiation dose

Sealed source does not leave the device during exposures

Locks to prevent unauthorised operation

Inspection through insulation for corrosion