UT Thickness Gauges

AdvanScan TG-10

$ 1,600

AdvanScan TG-10

$ 1,600


AdvanScan TG-10 is an advanced Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with A-Scan and B-Scan features. It uses Dual Element Transducer for precise inspection of remaining wall thickness on components subjected to corrosion and erosion. Some of the key features of AdvanScan TG-10 are pulse-echo and echo-echo thru-paint measurements. The inspection results are clearly shown on high contrast colour LCD display. AdvanScan TG-10 is particularly suitable for field work in remote locations due to its lightweight, compactness and comfortable one-hand use.



Measuring Range

Operating Principle


Probe Frequency


Operating Temperature

Velocity Range

Digital Resolution

Power Supply

Battery Life


Total Mass

Output Connector


0.5-350 mm (depending on the probe)

Pulse Echo with Dual Element Transducer

Thickness and Velocity

1 MHz-10 MHz

LCD with Adjustable Brightness

-20/+45 C

500-9999 m/s

0.01 mm

3 x 1.5V AA Type Batteries

40 Hours

155x80x35 mm

275 g (including batteries)

USB Port 2.0

"High Accuracy A-scan and B-Scan

Large LCD Display with Adjustable Brightness

Pulse-Echo and Echo-Echo Thru-Paint Measurement

Thickness, Velocity and Time-Of-Flight Measurement

Differential Mode and Reduction Rate Mode

Single Point and Two Point Calibration

Lightweight and Compact

PC 32 Bit Windows 7 and 64 Bit Windows 8 Compatible Report Software

A large Amount of Storage Memory

Wide Selection of Probes and Cables

Wrist Strap for Comfort and Security"