Coating Measurement


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Price on request


The handy, pen-like PHASCOPE PAINT is ideal for fast and easy thickness measurement of paint layers on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to its broad measuring range up to 2500 µm, it is particularly well-suited for very thick coatings. Statistical evaluation of the readings is carried out on a smartphone using the intuitive Fischer app. Reports can then be sent quickly and easily as PDFs.



Automatically recognizes the substrate material

Broad measurement range (0 – 2500 μm)

Modes for single-point and continuous (free-running) testing with up to 70 measurements per minute

An LED on the probe indicates when tolerance limits are breached

Data analysis with the Fischer app for smartphone or tablet

Potentially damaged areas can be documented with photos in the reports

Bluetooth connection to mobile devices

Due to its robust housing, even under harsh environmental conditions, the gauge remains extremely reliable

Quick and easy coating thickness measurements, equivalent to DIN EN ISO 2360, ASTM D7091, DIN EN ISO2178 and DIN EN ISO 21968

Measurement of paints and lacquers on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and analysis of anodized surfaces

Automotive industry and car-body paint shops

Corrosion protection

Facade engineering